Alpine Relax Treatments

The Team Dr. Joseph Method
Based both on the needs of your skin and scientific findings, the manual treatment method of TEAM DR JOSEPH starts deep in the tissue. Following the natural laws of function, the skin’s metabolism is brought into balance: the nervous system is calmed, facial expressions become relaxed, the flow is harmonized and micro-circulation is normalized, with the aim of caring for and maintaining the holistic feel of your skin, your health and your incomparable beauty. Experience for yourself the individual beauty care offered by the method of TEAM DR JOSEPH: pureness. recreation. protection.

Alpine Relax Treatments
Time – To enjoy your full treatment time, please make sure to arrive approx. 5–10 minutes before the start of your treatment.
Opening hours Spa: 13.00–20.00
Health – Unless informed otherwise, we assume that you are healthy enough to enjoy the treatments offered by us.
Clothing – Please wear your bathrobe for your treatment session. We will ask you to undress depending on the treatment. Our spa staff will cover you up appropriately during the treatment.

Face treatment
Intense Purifying face treatment
In-depth cleansing specific to your skin type based on the method of TEAM DR JOSEPH: Your skin? Bright and soft. Your face? Radiant. Your feeling? Clear and energetic. Beginning with warm herbal compresses, a gentle massage stimulating the lymphatic system, peeling, cleansing with cupping glasses and deep cleansing – followed by a tonifying facial pack, a peel-off mask and the daily care tailored to your skin. For a visibly fresher complexion and vital radiance. (eyebrow correction not included)
50 min | € 68,00

Beauty treatment
Cellular Recreation face treatment
A wonderfully natural treatment with active ingredients, specifically tailored to the needs of your skin, with immediate effect and a deeply relaxing, pampering program based on the method of TEAM DR JOSEPH: skin diagnostics, contouring your eyebrows, a massage stimulating the lymphatic system, warm herbal compresses, peeling, deep cleansing with cupping glasses, special serum, a modulated facial massage, an intensive facial mask and finally, individual daily skin care. With highly effective, naturally active ingredients for healthy and thoroughly cared-for skin.
80 min | € 95,00

Biodynamic lifting
Advanved Bio Lifting face treatment
The holistic maximum program based on the method of TEAM DR JOSEPH: experience an unique beauty treatment with skin diagnostics, contouring your eyebrows, a massage stimulating the lymphatic system, warm herbal compresses, peeling, deep cleansing with cupping glasses, special serum, a bio-energetic lifting massage, an intensive facial mask, and finally, individual daily skin care and stabilization.
110 min | € 120,00

For men
Express Power Lifting
The TEAM DR JOSEPH method for men. Powerful, natural, effective: skin diagnostics, a massage stimulating the lymphatic system, warm herbal compresses, peeling, deep cleansing, special serum, an intensive mask with facial massage, and finally, individual daily skin care. Natural high-tech power for a powerful and well-groomed appearance.
50 min | € 68,00

For hands and feet
50 min | € 38,00
with polish € 42,00
60 min | € 42,00
with polish € 45,00

Depilation with wax
Upper lip
10 min. | € 8,00
15 min. | € 15,00
Bikini line
15 min | € 15,00
Leg to knee
30 min | € 25,00
Legs complete
45 min | € 40,00
Back or chest
30 min | € 25,00

For the special moment
Eyelash dyeing or eyebrow tinting
15 min. | € 14,00
Eyelash dyeing and eyebrow tinting
30 min. | € 25,00
Eyebrow correction
20 min. | € 15,00

Body treatments and peelings
Hay peeling
A light creme peeling with hay, has a vitalizing effect on the skin.
Hay peeling (mild creme peeling with hay – vitalizing)
25 min. | € 35,00
Hay peeling and partial body massage
50 min. | € 62,00
Hay peeling and full body massage
75 min. | € 78,00


Classic massages
For body, mind and soul. Aromatic oils, gently massages with low pressure release the blockages and relax the muscles. The energy and the power flows again and your skin shines rosy and fresh.
Full body massage
50 min. | € 56,00
Partial body | back or legs
25 min. | € 30,00
Alpine sport massage
50 min. | € 68,00
Shoulder and neck massage
25 min. | € 36,00
Intense back massage
40 min. | € 58,00
Foot reflexology
40 min. | € 52,00
Facial massage
20 min. | € 25,00
Lymph stimulating massage
50 min. | € 67,00

Kids massage
Child full body
25 min. | € 24,00
Child partial body
15 min. | € 12,00

Krondlhof Special Package
perfectly cared for from head to toe
1 Pure Power facial treatment (50 min)
1 partial classic massage (25 min)
1 pedicure (60 min)
You may also enjoy each treatment on different days – just as you like it!

1 h 15 min | € 128,00

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